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Recently I assisted my principal in creating a Google Form to collect some information from teachers.  Then last week we had the opportunity to watch a free webinar from SimpleK12  about using Google Forms in the classroom.  As I began thinking about my next professional development session  for teachers, I decided that this would be a worthy use of their time. Tim is always at a premium for educators!

Why is Google Forms such a valuable tool for teachers? Watch this clip from ?Time Efficiency?:


Yes, Google Forms can be a great time-saver for teachers! Creating forms is quick and easy, and results are collected immediately in a corresponding spreadsheet that can even be formulated to be self-checking.  (a “how-to” video for that: Self-Grading Google Forms)

Here is a short list of ideas for teachers from the SimpleK12 blog:

  1. Peer evaluation
  2. Formative assessment
  3. Book Reviews
  4. Survey before and after a lesson/discussion
  5. Collect science data
  6. Organize groups
  7. Volunteer opportunities
  8. Student feedback
  9. Online reading record
  10. Find out more about your students’ interests

Here’s a more extensive list from the collaborative efforts of Tom Barrett and contributing educators around the world, 71+ Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom:



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